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Our mission is to end addiction, everywhere. The statistics related to drug overdoses on opiates alone is staggering. It is estimated that in 2017 nearly 49,000 people died from overdose caused by opiates alone and that number is rising. As an American you are more likely to die from an overdose than a car crash, or gun violence.

The treatment of this affliction is multifaceted, we believe it should not bankrupt a person or family, and that a safe sober environment should be available to anyone who wants to recover.

This is my family. It’s a place to call home. I have never had so many real friends that truly care about me.” – Scott M.

Recovery Housing

We have homes throughout Atlanta that consist of groups of men on a recovery journey.

Jobs Program

Whether you are looking for a job or are looking for hardworking employees, our jobs program helps connect the right men to the right opportunities that help them find confidence and purpose.

Adventure Events

Men are never more alive than when they are in nature. We have designed events throughout the year that forge community and awaken a man’s God-given warrior’s heart.

Recovery Groups

Weekly gatherings consisting of big groups and small groups, designed to forge community and further recovery.


We are real with each other because we have been there and done that. From house leadership to new members, each person in our community has experienced the pain of addiction and the hope of recovery. We provide authentic community that carries everyone from sobriety to lasting recovery.

We are truth tellers. We are open and honest with each other about how we feel with truth, grace, and respect. We strive to identify our feelings and candidly process them together.

We are a place for new beginnings where it is okay to not be okay. A place where nobody is perfect, and anything is possible. It is never too late to start over or to begin again. Every person in our community will experience unlimited grace as a reminder of Christ’s love for them.

We are a safe community for like-minded men on a recovery journey. We provide a no judgement zone where men are safe to choose vulnerability and receive grace.

Recovery should not bankrupt a person or family. And we will not sit idle as another person is in need. Through radical generosity, we are able to bless each other and remove the financial barrier that hinders men from lasting recovery.

Only through the love of Christ are we able to fully experience a life of recovery. Our community is centered on the Gospel of Jesus that sets us free to live a life of love unto ourselves and others.