I have pastored full time since 1993 and this is a very impactful Church and Ministry. Lives are being changed.” – Lance J.

Vision Warriors Adventure Events 

Men are never more alive than when they are in nature. We have designed events throughout the year that forge community and awaken a man’s God-given warrior’s heart.

12 Step Retreat For The Vision Warrior Men

The 12 steps are more than a tool for getting and staying sober. They are a way of living. No other framework teaches humility, service, and a dependence on God like these steps. This retreat offers our men the opportunity to dive deeper into their healing and new way of life.

  • Group discussions are facilitated by a two-person team in long-term recovery.
  • Each step is presented via Most High Media’s 12 Steps Demystified series where 6 “Old Timers” explore the principles and practice of each step.
  • The weekend starts Friday night and ends Sunday afternoon.
  • This immersive experience is not meant to replace working the steps with a sponsor, but rather kick-start a full life in recovery.

Help us to take 10 Vision Warrior men on retreat every month in 2022. Donations to this event help cover food, travel, and housing expenses.

If you are looking to deepen your experience with Christ through the twelve steps. This weekend is a great opportunity to begin the epic journey.